What is
strangerville is a supernatural gpsl taking place in a fictional small town in upstate New York. Paradox Village is a summer tourist destination on the south shore of Lake Paradox, home to the highest number of UFO sightings in the northeast, as well as a growing supernatural population in hiding. The historic summer colony first became a popular tourism spot at the turn of the twentieth century, with the completion of the grand Windemere Resort, and has since grown with the rise of mid-century resort travel for both summer and winter sports.

While the town has seen its ups and downs over the decades, the one constant is the open secret of the existence of supernatural beings. Hidden among the tourists and the townies, the supernatural residents enjoy the relative quiet of the mountainside town. Considered a safe haven for oddities, the community does their best to keep each other in line, and avoid causing any disturbances that would out their community to the ordinary humans around them. The high number of UFO sightings helps mask some of their activities, as most people outside the area are quick to brush off any strange happenings as the idle fantasies of conspiracy theorists and a cheap way to attract tourists.

Paradox Village rides the tide of tourism — summer on the lake, winter on the mountains — but keeps the community tight knit with regular seasonal events throughout the year. As a small town, everyone knows everyone, and their business. But that's life on the lake for you.

what kinds of characters can i play?

We're looking for traditional "monsters" like werewolves, vampires, demons and witches — but we're open to supernatural creatures with proper cultural support (ie. a robust wikipedia page). Please read our species page for existing canon and to get ideas about what's available. If you'd like to propose a new species, please contact us before writing your bio, so we can review and approve details and abilities first. We will not be allowing any white-washing, race swapping, or appropriation of beings belonging to specific cultures and your pb must be reflective of the species' heritage.

We're also happy to have non-supernatural folk in town! Tourists here for the summer, townies who've seen it all, UFO enthusiasts, etc. You name it, we want it. We only ask that if you plan to play a human, that they don't reveal the presence of supernaturals to the greater public!

what should i know about supernatural creatures?

Have you seen any number of vampire films, watched Buffy or Teen Wolf or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, read some Anne Rice? You're fine! We're not going to be overly strict about how you play your character, though for consistency's sake, we've established some basic guidelines for the creatures. For more specific answers, check the species page and reach out with any questions.