Welcome to
We are a COVID-free, supernatural gpsl taking place in the fictional region of lake paradox, ny. We are currently invite only, so if you've received a referral from one of our members, please see the steps to applying below!

The rules are simple: be respectful, be thoughtful, be dramatic ic but never ooc, and don't be blurry. This is a collaborative community driven by plot and character development, so communication is incredibly important. Any disruptive or offensive ooc behavior is grounds for removal. We're all friends here, let's keep it that way. If you have an issue or concern about another player or plot, please bring it to our attention so we can address it.


Once you've finished reading everything, comment our application post using an ic journal relevant to your character's name, with no old entries and yes backdated contact posts (both ooc, with screened comments, and ic). Then link us to your info, which should include:
NAME, AGE, OCCUPATION, Species (if applicable) and a brief BIO (bullet points or short paragraphs will suffice). We're looking for original character concepts to prevent overlap with existing characters. If your character belongs to a supernatural species, please be sure the bio reflects how that has impacted their life. If you'd like to introduce a new species, please contact us for approval before applying!
We require examples (three writing samples, such as narratives or scenes) and an ooc referral from a current member. We'll be reaching out to your referral to confirm your invitation.

Once your membership has been approved, you have 3 days to post some form of activity — social media post, narrative, scene, or tag to an existing thread. We do not require traditional ic intro posts — feel free to hop right into interaction on the fp!


As a small gpsl, we only work if everyone is an active participant. However, our requirements are simple: one update per month. This can be a narrative, a scene with 5+ tags per player, a scene starter, a public event post, an interactive post to your own journal, or a comments-disabled post combined with consistent participation on the fp. We strongly encourage posting scenes to lakeparadox, our main community for threads and events. Please comment a link with your monthly activity to the activity tracker. You can check your status on the taken list.

You can request a hiatus or extension in our members dropbox. Hiatuses last for two weeks from the time of request. Extensions on updates last until the following mid-month check-in, posted around the 15th. Removals will be performed twice a month, after the mid-month check and end of the month.

events & plots

This is a small gpsl set in a small town, brimming with opportunity for plots and events. However, this is not a slice-of-life with a "supernatural twist" type of place — we are fully committed to introducing scenarios and events that are anything but ordinary. From time to time, general town-wide plots will be posted to engage everyone, with announcements made in lakeparadox.

Remember to check our calendar for any upcoming public events! Participation is voluntary, and selection for involvement is on an availability and interest basis. However, as a gpsl, we love to see our members come up with their own kooky fun ideas, personal plots, and collaborate with other writers! We welcome and encourage plot submissions for future events.

one last thing...

We think everyone should be treated fairly and heard. However, we reserve the right to reject anyone we feel will not fit into the community we're building. We will ask for revisions where possible, but we are not obligated to explain rejections. Additionally, if a current member of the GPSL raises concerns to us about a potential applicant or another member, we will first try to address and investigate the issue, but can and will remove the offending member from the gpsl if necessary and without warning. We're here to have fun, and if you're causing problems, that's not fun.