Meet the
The Lake Paradox region is populated by all kinds of colorful characters, whether supernatural or human, and below are a few of the most prominent residents. If you'd like to submit your own NPC, please fill out the form and we'll get them added!
Mayor Deidre Thorne has been mayor of Paradox Village for the last decade. A fair, fun and engaging leader, Thorne has revitalized the off-season with new festivals and weekly farmers markets. A charming townie, Thorne tends to dismiss claims of UFO sightings as harmless myth, though it's unclear if she is aware of the presence of supernaturals living in her community. laura dern. human.
coot thorne is the husband of Mayor Thorne and proud owner of the Flying Saucer Diner. While his wife is widely respected, Coot has fostered a reputation as the resident UFO enthusiast and all around quirky character. And he's not just interested in the merchandise revenue - Coot is a true believer in alien conspiracies and leads crash site tours. The truth is out there. sam neill. human.
chief ogden ruffins was nominated to Chief of Police at the beginning of 2020, after his predecessor, Chief Blume, went missing. While he isn't a native to the region, Ruffins has been a local fixture for decades. A good-natured werewolf with a generous attitude and long-suffering geniality, Chief Ruffins rolls with the strange punches and keeps the peace around the lake. rhys darby. werewolf.
Colin Robinson lives in Oneida Landing, and if you'll let him, he'll tell you about the river drainage basin that feeds the lake – which is actually an oligotrophic lake, referring to the biological productivity, and its place on the "trophic index" commonly applied to lakes, meaning the quantities of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients that can lead to increased plant growth — and Lake Paradox is actually quite low on primary productivity, consequently giving it the "healing" properties often ascribed to the low algal production, clear waters and high drinking-water quality. Colin Robinson is an energy vampire. mark proksch. vampire.
POSTMASTER Gill Powell is a very average man living a very average life, except that he's best friends with a cosmic chthonic entity named Doug. No one else has seen Doug, for it would imprint unimaginable horror into one's mind, but no one questions Doug's existence. Gill is scatterbrained, a little nosy, but ultimately well meaning, and is always ready to make people a cup of tea. He loves his job at the post office, and while he's seen all kinds of packages and mail coming to town from all around the world, he has no desire to ever leave Lake Paradox and see what's outside the zipcode for himself.

sam richardson. human.
Lucille Galloway runs the Windemere and there is no spirit on this plane or the next who would fuck with her. She purchased the resort when it was still a crumbling wreck in the late 1980s, restoring it to its former glory. The renovations brought in renewed interest in the lake as a luxury travel destination, and made Lucille one of the most influential people in town. But because she's so beloved by the "permanent residents" of the hotel, she hasn't been able to sell the property off to anyone else and retire comfortably. Though she comes off as utterly unflappable, her greatest fear is never being able to check out. alfre woodard. human (psychic).
Cadence Barkridge tells fortunes and reads tarot cards every Tuesday at the Flying Saucer Diner, and every Friday at the Antique Store. She will also take private appointments at her quirky little lakeside house, where you will find every tree on the property hung with lights and ribbons, and many friendly squirrels that like to congregate there. She's got the loudest laugh in town and appears to be a little airheaded, but she always has a piece of advice for whoever needs it - even if it might not make sense at first. She has a long-lasting feud and rivalry with fellow Paradox witch, Theodora Thornton. goldie hawn. witch.
Theodora Thornton lives further from the lake, up in the mountains in her cabin. It's worth it to make the trip - Theodora sells a wide variety of potions, both generalized and catered to whoever makes the order, from potions of love to vengeance. When visiting, you'll find that the tall trees around her sprawling cabin are always filled with birds. Theodora is cool, calm and collected, and though to tourists she'll encourage the rumours that she never leaves the mountains, she can often be found in Oneida Landing, enjoying a chardonnay at The Fantastic Bat. She has a long-lasting feud and rivalry with fellow Paradox witch, Cadence Barkridge. meryl streep. witch.
Mato Watakpe manages the Settler Shop and is never seen without being dressed in one of their famous neon printed shirts. He's good friends with Coot Thorne, and doesn't seem to be easily surprised by anything. He plays bass in a band named Trumpet Chain, and appears to be the only human member. Either Mato doesn't know, or he doesn't mind all that much. They perform regularly at the Fantastic Bat. A local bear has gotten into the habit of putting on a very dramatic performance with Mato for tourists, but when in private or around locals, they can often be found sitting next to one another sharing snacks. zahn mcclarnon. human.
Emika Takahashi is a witch who owns and operates the Paradox Radio Station, and is a popular fixture in the town who always seems to know about every current event - sometimes even before they happen. When she's not running the station, she's a passionate knitter, and loves to knit new items for all of her town friends - and imbues each with a personalized spell. She's also very supportive and encouraging of anyone who wants to spearhead their own radio show, particularly her daughter, Isabelle. suzy nakamura. witch.
Isabelle Takahashi is the daughter of Emika Takahashi, owner of Paradox Radio Station, and is a budding witch as well. She has her very own radio show, WICH, where she updates the town regularly on interesting local mysteries, upcoming events, and whatever she thinks is worth talking about. She's precocious, clever, and since she fancies herself a journalist, is always eager to interview tourists and town residents. Isabelle has a bad habit of being nosier than is safe, and so far every single one of her spells has backfired. momona tamada. witch.
Apollo Rush is the town librarian, a friendly, boisterous, excitable man, who is very passionate about his chosen profession and always welcomes new patrons to his library. He's big on gathering first editions and has his own private collection, and the Paradox library itself is chock full of books of all kinds of genres. Just don't treat them poorly, and especially don't dog-ear the pages. Apollo's friendliness has its limits, and it certainly doesn't help that he's secretly a dragon with a fiery temper. craig robinson. dragon.